Ahmad Shah Mohibi

Ahmad Shah Mohibi: A Journey from Conflict to Resolution

At the age of 16, I joined the US military to support the war on terror in Afghanistan. Engaging in counterterrorism operations, I faced challenges, shaping my entrepreneurial spirit. Despite adversity, I contributed to the US military and diplomatic mission. At 23, armed with a special immigrant visa, I arrived in the United States.

Academic Pursuits and Entrepreneurial Path

Fueled by a thirst for change, I earned bachelor's and master's degrees, founding Rise to Peace—an organization addressing extremism. Rise to Peace gained acclaim, connecting scholars and influencing policy.

Advocacy for the Next Generation

As an advocate for the next generation, I share life stories and insights on entrepreneurship and career trajectories. Empowering over 500 young leaders from 34 nations, I provide guidance and mentorship. My media presence captivates millions worldwide.

Global Impact and Inspirational Messages

I use my platform to inspire change-seekers through a podcast, impactful publications, and media appearances. With a unique background, my voice resonates globally, propelling me to the forefront of news analysis publications and international conferences.

Continued Impact and Fearless Pursuits

Continuing to leave a mark through entrepreneurial pursuits, humanitarian endeavors, and inspirational messages, I stand as a testament to the transformative power of fearlessness. My journey serves as inspiration, encouraging individuals to triumph over obstacles and create positive ripples in our world.

Contact me at amohibi@risetopeace.org

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